Porter 5: fast, state-of-the-art ab initio prediction of protein secondary structure in 3 and 8 classes


Motivation: Although secondary structure predictors have been developed for decades, current ab initio methods have still some way to go to reach their theoretical limits. Moreover, the continuous effort towards harnessing ever expanding data sets and more sophisticated, deeper Machine Learning techniques, has not come to an end. Results: Here we present Porter 5, the latest release of one of the best performing ab initio secondary structure predictors. Version 5 achieves 84% accuracy (84% SOV) when tested on 3 classes, and 73% accuracy (77% SOV) on 8 classes, on a large independent set, significantly outperforming all the most recent ab initio predictors we have tested. Availability: The web and standalone versions of Porter5 are available at http://distilldeep.ucd.ie/porter/.